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CMKT 4 Westward Hackerspace Tour 2011

CMKT 4 is headed to Maker Faire San Francisco.  We’ll be stopping at as many Hackerspaces as we can on the way teaching our popular EconoMIC Contact Microphone Building Class.  Of course we will include a performance at each of the workshops and we should be appearing on the Maker Faire stage!  Take a look at our tour dates to see when we’ll be near you!  Message us if you’d like to help us fill in any open days.


Contact Microphone Workshop and Performance
Quad City CoLab
1033 East 53rd Street
Davenport, Iowa
7pm, $15

Contact Microphone Workshop and Performance
Ames Makerspace
328 Main Street, Suite 15
Ames, IA
7pm, $15

Contact Microphone Workshop and Performance
Omaha Maker Group
4388 Nicholas St
Omaha, NE
7pm, $15

Contact Microphone Workshop and Performance
975 E. 58th Avenue, Unit N
Denver, CO
$15, 2pm

Contact Microphone Workshop and Performance
Solid State Depot
2200 Central Ave Suite G
Boulder, CO
$15, 2pm

Contact Microphone Workshop and Performance
Electroregeneration Society Warehouse 555 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, UT
$15, 7pm

Contact Microphone Workshop and Performance
The Transistor
560 S 100 W
Provo, UT 84601
$15, 7pm


Contact Microphone Workshop and Performance
Ace Monster Toys
6050 Lowell Street
Oakland, CA
$15, 7pm

Contact Microphone Workshop and Performance
2169 Mission
San Francisco, CA
$15, 7pm


CMKT 4, Push Play, Igor Amokian
Sancho Salon Gallery
1549 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
9pm, $5?


Contact Microphone Workshop and Performance
Sancho Salon Gallery
1549 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
$15, 7pm



FRI MAY 20  – SUN MAY 22
CMKT 4 @ Maker Faire San Francisco





Contact Microphone Workshop and Performance
Metrix Create:Space
623 Broadway E
Seattle, Washington 98102




Twin Cities Maker – The Hackfactory
3119 E. 26th St.
Minneapolis, MN
$15, 7pm

Maker Faire Detroit 2010 Wrap-Up

by Austin.

Detroit Maker Faire 2010 was quite a blast.  CMKT4 headed up to Dearborn, Michigan with Michael Una and Tomer Gal for a busy weekend of demonstrating and performing.  CMKT4 played the main stage both days and Michael Una played the second day. Our Bottle-Cap Contact Microphones won an Editor’s Choice Ribbon and got written up on Boing-Boing by Make Editor Mark Frauenfelder.  Mike Una also won an Editor’s Choice Ribbon for his live performance.  Here he is setting up on the main-stage:

I’m so glad we went, it was a fantastic experience.  We got to meet so many interesting people who are doing interesting things.  I was able to sneak away for an hour on the second day and shoot some photos, here is some of what I saw:

Here are Nina and Jeff from Omnicorp, Detroit, a relatively young hacker-space.  Nina and Jeff were demonstrating circuit-bending at their booth to Maker Faire attendees.  CMKT4 will be headed up to Omnicorp to present a workshop on building contact microphones Saturday, August 28th.  Details here.

Another group of makers were controlling these huge robots, which were playing some very loud noise music.

This roving skull robot “greeted” onlookers with gnashing jaw and Mars-Attacks-like gibberish.  Pretty frightening:

Here someone made a jug organ, I thought this was really neat:

CdS cells were inventively used to read data from player-piano scrolls and control an array of solenoids that play the keys of a modern keyboard at this exhibit:

An interesting by-product is the MIDI code being generated from the scroll by the keyboard being physically played.  Next to the main stage was this bicycle-driven guitar wind-mill called the The Axe Grinder.

There were of course plenty of vehicles at the Maker Faire, but my favorite had to be the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir.  I’m glad that somebody figured out something to do with Big Mouth Billy Bass and all his pals other than hang it over the back of the toilet.   All the fish and lobsters are made to dance and lip-sync to popular favorites, such as Bohemian Rhapsody.  I actually got to sit in the driver’s seat for a little while and operate the Lobster Conductor;  the control was two two-way switches, one to rotate the lobster, one to extend and retract the arm, and a push-button to bounce the lobster and “conduct” the marine choir.

Some of the crew from Life-Size Mouse-Trap taking a break from a long, hot day of repeatedly crushing a Chevy Mini Van under a giant safe.   More Robots!

Various doo-dads made with a Cupcake CNC machine:

Tomer sports some CNC-made goggles.  I felt like I was wearing some crazy goggles, because Maker Faire was one awesome, surreal experience after the other.  See you there next year?

Anarchy…I mean, Circuit Bending WORKSHOP in the UK!


This Just In! A press release that was just sent to our war room…

South Hill Park’s Digital Media Centre, in Bracknell, UK is set to host a weekend workshop Saturday and Sunday November 22nd and 23rd @ 11am-5pm. Leading circuit manipulator, Stu “Professor ASMO” Smith of Bathysphere will be coming to South Hill Park’s Georgian mansion house to lead a hands-on weekend that begins with an introductory bending project to convert a Tiny Touch toy phone into a wild Dub Siren, followed with more advance work into Asmo’s specialist area of controlling bent circuits with an analogue modular sequencer, or “some kind of modular installation piece into which participants can plug in their devices, like a big circuit bent brain”. Weekend ticket: £116.00 (includes all component costs). Go to or for further information contact: Martin Franklin @ his email: or tel: 01344 416261. The venue website is, hopefully this will help!

Sounds like a good time to get together, eat some beans on toast and bend with other benders!

diy* Festival 2008 in Zurich Switzerland, 5-7 Dec

The 4th annual diy* Fest looks like a switch filled time! The event is slated to be from December 5th through the 7th in Zurich, Switzerland at DYNAMO. The curators describe it as “…an event that specifically addresses a creative and joyful approach to technology and fosters public discussion at the nexus of art, science and society. It is also a showcase for innovations in music and media art. The organizers value international collaboration with universities and art institutions as well as individual interesting artists and technologists.” The event will feature an exhibition, concerts, talks, workshops, and tons of cool people to hang out with! If you want to get involved with the festival email: and describe how you would like to contribute by October 31st!



The 4th annual BEND THIS…currated by Los Angeles noise artist XDUGEF, will be held on October 25th 2008. There will be Live music, a workshop and market place to buy/sell/trade circuit bent and not bent toys. It’s all going down at Echo Curio Gallery, Echo Park, 1519 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, California. Things should kick off at around 1pm with a workshop and a Bent Market. Live music should start around 8pm…featuring such artists as XDUGEF, Potar, Igor Amokian, Caveat Emptor, Andy Ben, (volt.), and Jeff Boynton. The whole day will only cost you $5…how could you stay away? Besides, it looks like they’re given out door prizes too!!!!!

Circuitastrophe Symposium


Interview By: Rodney Clark

Mark 1/2 Mang is throwing one heck of a bash this September in Cincinnati. The event is one that will attract artists as worthy as Bent Fest has in the past. Plus it promises a chance to hear Reed Ghazala speak on the subject of the history of circuit-bending, personal stories, slides, dye migration, plus bent devices he’s made. This sounds like something I had to ask more about…so I did.

Q: What is Circuitastrophe Symposium? What could one expect if going to the festival?

Mark: Circuitastrophe is a forum for people to present their Bent, Modified, Hacked, Robotic, and Electronic contraptions. Secondly it is designed to educate and engage critical thinking behind the designs, theories, and history of Electroniqueness (?) using presentations, installations, lectures, workshops, performances, and a panel discussion.

Performance wise we have circuit-benders, a couple of 8 bit performers, and some musique concre..ters (not that circuit-bending isn’t musique concrete). Many performers have visual components to their performance. The list is at the end of the interview.

There are two primer events; one a circuit-bent performance on Mon, Sept 1st on W.A.I.F. 88.3 FM from 1PM-3PM, and the second is an in-store circuit-bent performance at Shake It Records Wednesday the 3rd of Sept. If anyone is interested in performing those shows please contact me. Their may be another radio slot available on W.A.I.F., as the Art Damage radio show has just been reinstated Tuesday mornings from 12:00 AM – 2:00 PM (details soon to follow in the comments section).

We are trying to do a performance on Fountain Square (Cincinnati’s town square) using the Jumbo-Tron.

The Contemporary Arts Center just contacted me about doing a lunch time performance on Mon, Sept 8th. So the festival may go one more day.


Q: Where’s the festival being held?

Mark: We have several locations; the idea is gathering people from differing disciplines to congregate and share ideas. Plus we hope more locations will translate to a larger more diverse turnout. Thursday and Friday we will be at The Art Damage Lodge (former SkuLLLab, and Art Damage radio people) from 7 PM – 2:00 AM. semantics (a local artist co-op that doesn’t capitalize their s) will host the installations and Saturday performances from 7 PM – 11:30 PM; however the performances may move to an indoor location across the street and go later than 11:30. The Saturday workshops are from 11:00 AM -5:00 PM, but we haven’t solidified the location, however there are several options in the Brighton area next to semantics. We just met with the Contemporary Arts Center, and they are housing the Panel Discussion on Sun morning, and a Circuit-Bending 101 Workshop from 2:00 PM-5:00 PM. The fore mentioned primers at W.A.I.F. 88.3 FM, and the in-store performance at Shake It Records round out the festivities.

Q: Who all is putting this festival together?

Mark: Since I was asked to curate this by an artist co-op; I guess I am the curator instead of the person putting on a show (it’s all semantics). Nebulagirl has provided a wealth of advice and assistance. Nebs also came up with the Circuitastrophe moniker and got Reed Ghazala interested. The Art Damage Lodge’s Jon Johns (Jon Lorenz and John Rich) have been doing all sorts of experimental music over the years, including circuit-bending, and have been incredibly helpful in planning this event. Some of the other entities involved in organizing this event are Scot Boberg from the Contemporary Arts Center, and David Dillon (semantics, CAC), Julia Ranz from W.A.I.F., Jim Blaze from Shake It Records. There are several people within the participating organizations helping organize the behind the scenes stuff.

Q: When did the idea of a festival come about?

Mark: Back in February David Dillon at semantics asked me to curate a show of my own choice. I had been taking “Integrative and Robotic Art” a course at Northern Kentucky University all the while dabbling in the circuit-bending scene. So I thought these components might make for an interesting semantics project. The Robotics course was a great environment for learning about electronics. Many students in this class had varied skill sets, like welding, casting, soldering, chemistry, etc. A bi-product of this course was sharing these skills with each other. I realized that when this class was over we would lose this communal workshop. Right around this time I went to the Bent Festival MN, and the communal aspect there was very similar to what was going on in the Robotics course. I went to the Bent Fest to look at how they organized their structure, with an eye on graphing part of what they did onto our event. What was to be a robotics and circuit-bent show started evolving into my want to improve, teach, and share electronic arts in the area, and most importantly to develop an electronics community.

To help develop an electronics community I am extending the concept of this festival into a bimonthly event called Solder Party. Solder Party will be a gathering of electronics people to show their projects, develop new ideas, and get help with projects gone array. The Solder Party would conclude with a jam session/demonstration, could involve visiting artists, and have themed workshops.

Q: Are you looking for any more sound artist to play?

Mark: Yes! We have apx. 20 performers (list changes everyday), and we have room for a few more. At the moment we have money from the door, and that’s not much considering gas prices. However, if you can work around that hurdle with merch, and other shows, we would love to hear from you.

I would like to round out the symposium with some people who are way out there! People that consider worms as potential resistors, make robots that bend, work on a quantum scale, convert solar energy to chemical energy to kinetic energy to magnetic energy and can talk about it. We want people who challenge the thought processes behind electricity and electronics. Maybe we could involve phenomena besides electricity in conjunction with our electronic doo-hickies. I would like to see the symposium include artists that delve into various phenomena like x-rays, radio waves, the infrared spectrum.

Or we could just get a few more people that bend and make interesting sounds.

Q: What kind of other things are still needed as far as lectures, workshops, installations, etc…?

Mark: I am looking at workshops, but I need to work out details. Dan Demchuk is doing a 101 workshop. Brad McCombs Northern Kentucky University professor of Art and Informatics is giving a lecture on technology, robotics, and ecology. I have approached Casper Electronics, Flower Electronics, Highly Liquid, Michael Una, Tim Kaiser, and Anode Records about workshops and or lectures. So we probably have what we can handle. But if someone has an amazing idea I can probably work it out!

I am looking for people that are interested in alternative power, as well. I think it would be practical to discuss the types of energy (kinetic, potential, thermal, gravitational, sound energy, light energy, elastic, electromagnetic, chemical, nuclear, and mass) and how they are converted from one type to another. Thinking about how these alternative energy sources could power our machines; change their sounds, and visuals are potential fodder for the symposium.

Q: How could one get a hold of someone, as far as being part of the festival?

Mark: You can befriend me on myspace:
or you can e-mail me:

Q: Who all do you have booked already, and what is their role for the festival?

Mark: Q Reed Ghazala (Cin): is planning to do a history of circuit-bending presentation, personal stories, slides, dye migration, and bent devices. Reed keeps changing the program, and making things bigger, so I guess we’ll find out what it is when it develops.

Brad McCombs my robotics professor and colleague at Northern Kentucky University. He developed Animation Station hardware and software with Transverse Technologies. He makes robotic sculptures that interact with the environment in a symbolic or scientific manner.

Mike Hancock (Heart of Palm, French Crips) is making a Barbie Karaoke multimedia installation and performance.

At the Bent Festival in MN Loud Objects gave me a few “Noise Toys” to install, but they may do a larger installation.

Mike Una said he will bring the updated Beat Bike, and do a solo performance with his new Drumbot.

Pelzwik should have a batch of weird things at his merch table. At Bent Fest he was slapping together glitched out devices inside a plastic VHS case. I am curious to see what he brings.

This is the list of performers with hyperlinks:

1. Fluxmonkey (Clevland)

2. Spunky Toofers (Kansas/Cin)

3. Uncle Dave Lewis (Detroit/Cin)

4. Nebulagirl (CAF Galahad) (Cin)

5. Jay Wilson (Cin)

6. Mike Hancock (Cin)

7. Talking Computron (Cedar Rapids)

8. DJ Demchuk (Chicago)

9. Mike Una (Chicago)

10. DJ Tendraw (UK)

11. Crème De Mentia (DeKalb)

12. Datura 1.0 (Minneapolis)

13. Loud Objects (installation maybe perform, NYC)

14. Pelzwik, (Nick Heimer), Minneapolis

15. Tentacle Boy (Minneapolis)

16. Peter Edwards, Casper Electronics (NYC)

17. Mistpouffers (Nebulagirl, and Mark ½ Mang) (Cin)

18. Mark ½ Man g (Cin)

19. Ben Allen

20. Roth Mobot (Chicago)

21. Albino Ghost Monkey (Rice Lake)

We are currently slotting the performers, which I will add to the comments section when completed.

Q: How many days will the festival run?

Mark: 4 days from Sept 4th- 7th (and maybe a fifth day on Mon the 8th)

Q: Is there a cost for the festival?

Mark: $7 at the door for performances and $3 for workshops

Q: Any thing else you would like to add?

Mark: I wanted to thank you for interviewing me about our symposium/festival, and for getting the word out!

Your Friday Morning Circuit Bending News Digest.

Lets try this out and see how it goes. I’m gonna post a bunch of news just to catch up on whats been happening recently.

I don’t really know this website, but they seem to know about Circuit Bending festival called Bent Fest and also prefer it to “person’s face glowing in the screen of a laptop“. This year NYC, Minneapolis, and LA will provide the backdrops for a craze thats sweeping the nation.

Doctor Popular who runs Drown Radio has just dropped a CD, “Me Geek Pretty One Day“. Circuit Bending sounds mixed with a dash of Casio and Crunk. Check it out here on The SixtyOne.

looping circuit bent guitar
Circuit Bending Workshop is happening on April 15th, 2008 in Boston Area as part of the local Dorkbot. Hosted by Jimmi P Rogers who built this pretty awesome looping guitar and posted a schematic interfacing with a RadioShack recording module which uses a transistor control the record function only when a sound is made.

Ryan aka Foodteam’s band Mystery Palace is on Tour roaring through the East Part of the Country coming to a city near you. Please go see them and say sent you:

April 8 – Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar
April 9 – Detroit, MI @ Lager House
April 10 – Detroit, MI @ The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit
April 11 – Cleveland, OH @ Tower 2012
April 12 – Amherst, NH @ Prescott Tavern
April 13 – Danbury, CT @ Larry’s
April 14 – Providence, RI @ AS220
April 15 – Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East
April 17 – New York, NY @ The Annex
April 19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Luna Lounge
April 20 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Mitten
April 21 – Baltimore, MD @ Lo Fi Social Club
April 22 – Washington D.C. @ The Red and the Black
April 23 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
April 29 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
May 1 – Cincinnati, OH @ The Gypsy Hut
May 2 – Chicago, IL @ The Hideout
May 3 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Art Bar

( Photo of FoodTeam By Julie Cisler taken at the LoFi Fest 2007 ) a great gallery of her work from that event is located here.



If you are in Zurich, Switzerland on April 16th-18th please check out this interesting 8-Bit SID Emulator workshop. Apparently an Amtel Microcontroller can be programmed to sound kind of like a SID chip, because well SIDs are hard to find anymore, and fit onto an Arduino Shield making it a SIDuino. Please register with for more info about the workshop.







April 5th, International Attend a Circuit Bending Workshop Day

Coincidently there will be 4 circuit bending workshops that I know of happening this weekend. On Saturday April 5th 2008, one will be hosted by me at the University of Iowa starting at 1:00 PM with special guest Creme Dementia. Email me for more info if you are interested.

Another one is being hosted by Niall in Norrköpings Stadsbibliotek, Sweden. Starting on Saturday with introduction, practical help, and advice. Spilling into Sunday with a climax of recording a circuit bending album at the Grammofon studios using newly created devices. More information on their website.

Next we have Patrick McCarthy of Roth Mobot will be doing his wonderful lecture at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, IL. Saturday at 1:00 PM. Don’t miss it!

This just in: Pete Edwards of and Fred Owsley will be doing a Circuit Bending lecture at NOTACON in Cleveland, Ohio over the weekend. Also on the agenda is Sam Harmon engaging in a free for all discussion about experimental instruments and circuit bending.

If anyone else is doing one please let me know and I’ll post it.