Circuit Benders Ball 2012 in Nashville, TN – Sept 29th.

Lineup for the 2012 Circuit Benders’ Ball in Nashville, taking place September 29th at Brick Factory Nashville! Workshops at 10am, music at 8pm. More information available on Theater Intangible website.

2012 Performers:

  • Hadals – Nashville / Montgomery, AL


Visual artists: Lineup coming soon!

Roth Mobot

Tony: Our featured guests this year are the Chicago, Illinois circuit bending duo Roth Mobot (Patrick McCarthy, Tommy Stephenson).  They are, in my opinion, the artists most likely to make circuit bending a household term. In addition to creating brilliant circuit bent instruments and putting on phenomenal live shows, Roth Mobot conduct educational workshops in schools, hackerspaces, museums, and other community spaces. Education and empowerment through hands-on learning are incredibly important to them. Hear what Patrick McCarthy has to say on this subject in the opening to the Experimental Garage Sale Theatre Intangible podcast.

Please support the Kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise funds for band compensation, traveling expenses, and set decoration.

We’re partnering with The Skillery to sell workshop tickets. Workshops are limited to 15 people per workshop and will be sold in advance.