Circuit Bending Adventure by Beatrix*Jar

Return of the Box from Beatrix JAR on Vimeo.

Now we will let you feast your eyes and ears on a trippy circuit bending adventure in The Realm of the Magical Casio MT-240. Return of the Box from Beatrix JAR is their first music video. In this episode our friends open up a Casio Keyboard and by some sort of magic trick they shrink in size. Enough to run around the circuit board and reroute the electronic signals to create a Sonic Shortcut, meanwhile sealing the deal with a smooch. Everything is all and well when suddenly they return to normal and decide to have a Jam Party!

Beatrix Jar

Beatrix*Jar did a fantastic job of organizing Bent Festival 2008 in Minneapolis and currently educate around the country about the fun of circuit bending. Both of their musical releases–I Love You Talk Bird and Golden Fuzz— are among my favorite albums of all time. They grow on you more and more with each listen, providing new and exciting sonic bits and pieces.

GetLoFi Interview with BeatrixJar by Rodney.

Interview done for Create Digital Music by Michael Una.

BeatrixJar on MySpace. Enjoy.