Circuit Bending Challenge Winners

Well everyone is a Winner in this competition because we all got to do something fun and walk away with an instrument! However 3 particular participants demonstrated not only excellent circuit bending skills, but also great production and entertainment values.

And our top picks are…

George Lazenbleep’s Mini Furby:


El Colin’s Bent Guitar:[youtube][/youtube]

Squelchbox’s “The 15 Puzzle”:[youtube][/youtube]

Who gets what prizes is yet to be determined.

We have a

MIDI kit from Highly Liquid,

Parasite Module from The Squarewave Parade, and

Circuit Bending Compilations from TigerClaw Records.

So guys, please head down to the Create Digital Music and fill out a contact form with your mailing address to get donated swag. This event was phenominal and next year we will do it all over again.