Circuit Bending Duo Roth Mobot Live from Chicago to NYC Bent Fest 2008

Circuit Bending Duo Roth Mobot Performing Live from Chicago
The experimental music duo Roth Mobot recently had the pleasure of entertaining audiences during the NYC Bent Festival 2008. What made this performance even more special was the fact that Roth Mobot were broadcasting their music live via the free Skype Video service to the heart of New York City from Chicago. The band could not afford to physically be there, however they made every effort possible to put on the best performance with the help of staff at Chicago’s dedicated production studio K-Town Moon Base. I was their Tech person on the NYC end and through out the night we made sure that their broadcast would be without a hitch once they were up on the virtual stage. Major props to Skype for not timing out along with excellent audio and video quality! The video below was recorded at the K-Town studio. Projected behind the performers you can see the audience of NYC. In a way both the performer and the audience were teleporting to different locations electronically, which is a total Mind Bending concept to ponder. Stay tuned for more future Spype performances. Here is a Vimeo Link to the video, in case it doesn’t show up in your browser.