Circuit Bending eBay Tracker blog

I really do apologize for ignoring GetLoFi almost for a week, however I do have some very good news. First is the fact that GetLoFi main page has been visited by over 100,000 people, overall there has been over 300,000 readers and thanks to everyone. Second bit of news is the unveiling of a new service located at I have spent many many hours writing the backend of this blog, which is intended for archiving circuit bent items that were put up on eBay. Each item page is ripped and broken down by images, sounds, videos, and the description in the post. All media files are mirrored to GetLofi so they will be permanently there. Items updated continuously and posted in intervals with an Atom feed thanks to blogger. Any questions and comments are welcome. If there are problems let me know, glitches are to be expected.

* The project is was put on hold * Circuit Bent Tracker is no longer available.