Circuit Bent Kaossilator with Internal Controls

Previously on GetLoFi we covered adding of the LTC Precision module to control the clock speed of the Kaossilator, thus pitching the device up and down. The only snag with the mod was not having the potentiometer mounter internally. Now that problem has been solved with a daring modification to the device.

There is plenty of space for the potentiometer if you remove an unused part of the output circuit board. The RCA jack board is the same for KP and the KO, however KO does not use the Input side. Carefully remove that section with a Dremel Cutoff disk. You may use the above image and black line as a guide. However do so at your own risk! The RCA jacks were tested and appear perfectly fine on my unit.

Remaining section is shown above.

Once the potentiometer is seated a slight modification to the case is needed in order to properly shut.  Cut away several of the plastic ridges on the inside of the case as well as the plastic holder of now missing Input section. Dremel Sanding cylinder disk works well.

Last step is to drill a hole in the aluminum for the potentiometer shaft. Measure the position of where the hole will go and use ridges as a center guide. Making the hole slightly bigger will help to reassemble the device.

Note that there is a 100k resistor soldered in parallel with the 250k potentiometer used to control the pitch. This is done prevent the pitch from dropping too low and it also gives a very nice usable pitch range.

The kit which includes the potentiometer, wire, and the LTC board is available from the GetLoFi Shop. Good Luck.