Circuit Bending workshop in Lisbon, Portugal

Ricardo Circuit Bending Lisbon Italy

Ricardo of Beep-Glitch is putting on 2 circuit bending events in Lisbon Portugal on Feb 17 and 24th, 2007. Unfortunatelly I do not know Portuguese, but Ricardo was nice enough to include a translated event description:
“To modify, to disassemble and to weld to reinvent small pedals of guitar or toys or synthesizers. And to make everything this in search of original sounds and on behalf of the onslaught in the exploration of sonorous material. This is called Circuit Bending. This is what we offer in a workshop dedicated all to explore the circuit bending “science”. This workshop will be in the 17 and 24 of February and have the limited number of participants (12), also the number of hours of the workshop will be 12 divided in two days. In the end of the workshop the participants will have a new circuit bent instrument created in the workshop and will be invited to a concert in a venue.”
More information is located here and here. Looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing sounds from the event!