Circuit Bending Yamaha PSS-6 With Just a Starve

Circuit Bent Auctions on eBay are an endless source of knowledge and circuit bending inspiration, this auction for a Circuit Bent Yamaha PSR-6 by PuffHandy is no exception. The video demonstrates that it is possible to get this seemingly all digital keyboard to respond to a “Voltage Starve” with glitches and all kinds of tasty digital noise.

After witnessing this I decided to try a Waldeck Interrupter, circuit bending tool designed with the help of Roth Mobot, in the keyboard and see the results for myself. They were indeed delightful, however hard to document as you can see in this very quick and dirty youTube video. The Waldeck Interrupter key chain is used as a bend to add extra resistance in this case between 0-500 Ohms in the power source. On top of that the metal key ring itself is used as a crude switch bypassing the variable resistor in effect bringing the current to the normal level and causing more randomness to happen. Unfortunately this simple and yet clever hack does not work on all digital keyboards, some simply quiet down without much of anything interesting, however this Yamaha PSS-6 turned out to be a gold mine! Thanks PuffHandy! Waldeck Interrupter Keychain is available through the