Circuit Bent Kaossilator – KAOSS BOX


Our friend Freeform Delusion has shared this awesome video of a modified Kaossilator. Complete with a break-out box that contains switches used to circuit bend the memory rom chip thus creating distortion and glitches in the synthesizer playback. Also inside the break-out box is an LTC Precision Oscillator Kit used to speed up and slow down the fixed frequency crystal, thus allowing for analog pitch control via a knob. In addition FD uses the 555 Timer kit to create a tremolo type effect. It is also possible to use a Photo-resistor hooked up in series, parallel or instead of the potentiometer on the LTC Module this allowing for Theremin like operation of the unit. Nice work!

The mods are:

Full Kaossilator Bolted onto box

Pitch Down

Switchable Pitch down LDR

LFO with Rate Control Knob and Rainbow LED indicator

Two Types of LFO on three way switch

4x Ring Mods switches

3x Glitch Switches (the unit does need to be switched off/on when your finished with these bends to get everything back to normal)

The Switch in the middle of Glitch switches gives a nice double up thing on the sounds!

1/4″ Jack to hook up to Homemade sequence