Circuit Bent TR-626 “Work of Art”

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This circuit bent Roland TR-626 built in Portugal and was recently sold on eBay for a surprisingly low amount. There were lots and lots of pictures in the auction, but unfortunately no audio. So that could be why people were hesitant to bid it up. I do wonder if it is harder for people to circuit bend devices in other countries. For one the prices for used vintage gear may be higher and of course parts and materials are not cheap either. Some eBay sellers will not ship outside US cause its a hassle. But this may not be true for brand new equipment because everything comes from China nowadays so the actual costs are about the same across the board. What varies is the country’s own import tariffs and whatever merchants tack on. Given that in the US people can afford to pay more it could be that musical goods are actually higher priced in America as opposed to other countries. Any international and US benders please feel free to comment on this matter.