CMKT 4 on ~ORE~ Theatre Intangible

by Creme DeMentia

CMKT 4 returned from our first US tour a couple of weeks back.  With the ESG right on its heels and with all the video I collected, it’s been slow-going getting all of the material together for a thorough Tour Log.   We should have a Tour Log available for you here on GetLoFi within the next week or so.  A recording we participated in while on tour, however, is already available:

ORE Theatre Intangible E023 Artificial

We paid a visit to Tony Youngblood, host of ORE Theatre Intangible while we visited Nashville.  Jeff found Tony by searching “Nashville Circuit Bending” online.  Tony invited us to play a regular CMKT 4 set and then play two short improvised sets for the Theatre Intangible Podcast, the latter of which you’ll hear if you follow the link.   There are many other episodes of Theater Intangible for your listening pleasure as well, they are chock full of improvised performances and interviews with people who make crazy sounds in interesting ways.

Thanks so much to Tony for helping to make our visit to Nashville such a great experience!