CMKT 4 on Over the Edge Radio

CMKT 4 is currently on their West Coast Hackerspace Tour and will be joining Don Joyce of Negativland on KPFA’s (94.1fm, Berkeley, CA) airwaves this Thursday night at midnight!  On the eve of our trip to the Bar Area Maker Faire, we’ll be adding noise with a variety of our circuit-bent devices, but you’ll be determining the flow of conversation with your calls – we want you to direct the conversation and join in the noise with YOUR devices.  Is there any escape… from noise?

CMKT 4 on Over the Edge Radio:

Friday May 18 (Thursday night) 12am – 3am KPFA 94.1 Berkeley, CA

Listen live here:

Call from a land-line if you can, don’t say “Hello,” just start making noise:


Come visit CMKT 4 at our booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire!