CMKT 4 SE Hackerspace Tour 2012 and New Bending Buddies

Our friends in the band CMKT 4 are headed back on the road with a “Build an EconoMIC Bottle-Cap Contact Microphone” workshop and performance tour to the South East this February. This tour is jam-packed with Build a Microphone workshops/performances as well as several not-to-be-missed, multi-act shows!  We’ve done workshops at over 30 Hackerspaces and by the end of this tour we will have done workshops at over 40 Hackerspaces!  Check out our tour dates, like us on, and see our events calendar there for the full details of every show.

CMKT4: “We have also updated our Creme DeMentia Bending Buddy circuit-bending probes. Fully assembled Bending Buddies are now available with a button in a variety of colors. They are now also available as a kit, which includes a comic adventure/instructions, a circuit-bending basics overview, and a parts bag – you supply the solder and hot glue. Visit for all of CMKT 4’s Creme DeMentia products.”

CMKT 4 SE Workshop Tour 2012

2/17 –  Louisville, KY –

CMKT 4 w/ Ben Traughber and No Copper,

Lisa’s Oak St. Lounge,
1004 Oak Street

2/18 – Knoxville, TN –
Mic Workshop, Technology
Cooperative, 130 W. Jackson Ave., 2pm

2/18 – TBA – Knoxville, TN Area

2/19 –  Asheville, NC –
Mic Workshop, Mojo Coworking,
4 Wall Street, 2pm

2/19 – Asheville, NC – CMKT 4  w/ “Nightmare of Noise” Puppet Show,

and special guests Hellblinki,
Bobo Gallery, 22 N Lexington Ave

2/20 – Winston-Salem, NC –
Mic Workshop, Fablocker, 1020 Brookstown Ave #17, 7pm

2/21 – Raleigh-Durham, NC –
Mic Workshop, Splatspace, 331 W. Main St., Durham, 7pm

2/22 – Charleston, SC –
Mic Workshop, Makelab Charleston, 1370 Ashley River Road, 7pm

2/24 – Jacksonville, FL –
Mic Workshop, Shantytown Pub,
22 W. 6th St., 7pm

2/25 – Orlando, FL – Mic
Workshop, FamiLAB, 1355 Bennett Dr, Unit 129, Longwood, FL

2/25 – Orlando, FL – CMKT 4 w/TBA, Sip, 724 Virginia Drive, 9pm

2/26 – St. Petersburg, FL –
Mic Workshop, The Venture
Compound, 2621 Fairfield Ave. S, 2pm

2/27 – Atlanta, GA –
Mic Workshop, Freeside ATL,
675 Metropolitan Parkway
Suite 6066, 7pm

2/28 – Murfreesboro, TN –  CMKT 4 w/TBA, Boro Bar, 1211 Greenland Drive, Free

2/29 – Nashville, TN –  Mic
Workshop, Brick Factory, 209 10th Ave. S, Suite 126, 7pm