Coco Rosie

So the other day I was listening to Coco Rosie at a friends house. I’ve heard of the band before, however never actually listened to their music. This time my friend was all like, “This stuff is awesome!!!” From what I’ve heard on the La Maison de Mon Reve record Coco Rosie used some circuit bent stuff played haphazardly in the background with the guitar and voice on top, take a listen to this sample. I guess it is nice to see people working with bent gear to make music and actually score record deals. I wonder if they modified their own gear or got it on eBay. Also as an interesting point they are from Fort Dodge, Iowa! Wow, too bad I didn’t know them before they got famous, I’d be hella connected. Enjoy the music everyone and extra points to whoever IDs the toy in the clip.