Collaboration Compilation Release

Tiger Claw Records
The third compilation and sixth overall release on Tiger Claw Records has been announced! It will be a collaboration compilation, featuring artists teaming up with other artists, who also use circuit bent instruments in their song journeys. The concept…an easy one, yet exciting. Each artist agreed to have their name put into ‘a hat’ (it was really an envelope…but you get the point) and randomly have their name drawn. They were then paired two by two, as one and then the next name was plucked from the pool. This was in a way mimicking the art itself, as to it’s random glitches, also random ways of finding and dissecting points on the bend. The out come was as follows…

Dr.Rek and Circo Bazooko

DJ Tendraw and POTAR

Datura 1.0 and EraSer

Tim Kaiser and Acrodot

Igloo Martian and The Simpson Brothers

Zebra Mu and Uplink

Talking Computron and Igor Amokian

Ron S. and Albino Ghost Monkey

Spunky Toofers and Sleeper

Mike Una and Life as Number Five

Xdugef and Circuit Ben Reaction

Tasos Stamou and INT_Routine

Pixel Form and Jennifer Clark

Look for this compilation to be released closer to the end of summer. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s collaborations! If you would like to hear any of the bands named above, go to for links to all the artists on the front friends page.

by Rodney.