Computerwelt circa 1981

This photo is on the insert of the Computer World LP, which I have on vinyl btw, thank you very much. I got to looking at it the other day and noticed the instruments. All looked like handheld devices and toys. I guess back in the day it was part of the show for Kraftwerk to come into the crowd and let people play their mini keyboards and one may argue that they are one of the poineer bands that used such devices in their music.
I started playing the game to see if I can ID all of the instruments held. I pretty much got most of them except for one. The Beegees Keyboard was fairly easy to recognize.
The one held in the background next over appears to be something that may use a stylis much like this Stylophone, I think I am correct on this one given the switch placement on the right and the black frame around those, the top of the case must have been simply masked off to hide the brand.The shiny box in the center I have no clue as to what it is. It may be some sort of a custom device.
All the way on the right is the IT Language Translator which may seem like a normal calculator to the untrained eye. Those things are great to say the least! And one can be seen with a break out box in Jeff’s collection, posted earlier. If anyone can shed some light on the mystery object fell free.
The images used as reference were taken from and both amazing sources to have around. Could not have done this without them.