Deal of the Day: Huge Keyboard clearance at Sears

The prices are beyond rediculus. $38 for a Yamaha YPT300 Keyboard that normally retails for over $160, Link here. $24 for a YPT200, and 32$ for Casio LK-100ADM! Finally the Casio LK-300TV for $50. These deals are B.A.N.A.N.A.S. The YPT 200, YPT 300, and the Casios all have MIDI so if anything they will make some cheap 61 key controllers. Shipping is around $10 per keyboard and the “ship to store” pickup is free. I am currently engaged in a severe battle of a Credit purchase VS my need to stop acquiring more stuff. Everyone else feel free to order away and circuit bend these monsters. Via [Mike]

Direct link to the Slickdeals post.

*Update * The keyboards are sold out! Damn.