DFW Synth DIY Meeting in Dallas, TX 8/9/08

DFW Synth DIY Meetup

This Saturday 08/09/08 in Dallas TX a meet-up will be held for DIY’ers interested in Synth building, Circuit bending and making all kinds of glorious noise. The top secret location is at the Bar of Soap (3615 Parry Ave Dallas, TX 75226 USA). 2PM to 5PM – No Cost. The organizers are planning regular meet ups (maybe monthly) for sharing ideas, playing with circuits and showing off latest creations, and ALL LEVELS are welcome.

“If you have never even held a soldering iron, you might learn about an easy project to start with. Maybe you know how to make abrasive noises using an old television and a garden hose….but need a little inspiration on how to apply it. Have you ever J-B welded a window break sensor to a ball ping hammer and directed it straight to your guitar amp? * (btw..its like firecrackers!) Have you ever wanted too? Can you repair guitar amps? Can you program VSTi plugins? Wanna impress somebody with your new Tenori-on. Its all something we want to talk about and share. ”

For more information, contact at www.myspace.com/dfwsynthdiy or dfwsynthdiy@yahoo.com

Can someone say Geek-out? Let me know how this goes, and please post some pics in the comments! Good luck. Thanks Robert for sending this in.