Do you like this button cover?

Well now you can roll your own with one single trip to the local Arts and Crafts store like Michaels. With the help of Self-Adhesive covering that comes in a variety of colors by packages of 5 sheets measuring 8.5″ x 11″ from the Con-Tact brand ( cost about $6 USD ). Also the same stuff is available in rolls, which were more expensive. I picked Metallic to cover up that huge hole where the LCD used to be in this gutted GB to Synth project. You too can make something that looks like this minus the scary holographic eyes. While at the store I found a bunch of other cool stuff like a clear grid plastic ruler which will be super duper helpful when it comes to making those switch holes and also some type-writer button looking stickers. So don’t be afraid to travel outside your local Goodwill into more expensive hobby boutiques, never know you will find to help better your creations.