eSymposium Lecture Series 001 – Tomer Gal discusses using control voltage to synchronize hacked and bent toys.

The eSymposium-Chicago has been meeting every Saturday from noon ‘til 3:00 under the leadership of Patrick McCarthy for over a year, and in honor of that achievement we’ve decided to dedicate the first eSymposium of every month to a focused lecture of some sort. We were very lucky to have Tomer Gal of Welcome Tomerica for the first of the eSymposium Lecture Series with a discussion on using various sources of control voltage to synchronize and trigger hacked and bent devices and toys, including a MIDI to control voltage conversion demonstration. The 30-minute lecture was filmed by Carl Broman and Steven Buck who edited and broke it into 3-segments for your viewing convenience and enjoyment.

* Editors Note: The sequencer and 555 timer circuits Tomer mentions can also be purchased as Kits with circuit boards from