EX PMX homemade video analog synths

EX PMX Video Synth

After seeing these instruments created by EX PMX I initially had no clue as to their purpose or function, but after further readings, by best guesses are as follows. The M(other)-Switch and the LBBM ( Light Bridge Beat Machine ) are in essence audio/video signal switchers with signal levels being controlled by laser light hitting various sensor points kind of like laser light show kit creating patterns and hitting a stationary photo sensor at quasi random times. Except that later-on in development EM PMX replaced the DC motors with Stepper motors for more rhythmic control over the audio and video with the help of MikMo parallel port sequencer software. A quite sophisticated diagram of the M-Switch is available here. Most of the modules strung together can be purchased as kits parallel PC control and Light activated switch from a variety of sites and local hobby shops. The M-Switch faceplate contains an array of switches as a patching matrix for the signals and the knobs control the sensitivity parameters of these individual switch modules. By using light sensitive switches the Attack and Delay of a particular signal can be modified creating a very complicated analog feel. Cool design indeed, thanks to Karl for sending this link.

M-Switch EX PMXM-Switch Back panel