Expensive Stuff is it worth it?

So these “Artist” Edition keyboards made by Tablebeast have been popping up on eBay. Usually with a hefty pricetag, this one is $555 which seems high, however after doing some research I found out that SHS-10 is a much sought after keyboard. Given its poor sound quality, people are still willing to pay upwards of $200 for one, Unbent! I guess the description in the Bent SHS-10 Auction says it all. However I will summarize the key points while giving my opinion on them.
Ok, so its kind of rare, given that it is the last SHS-10 Tablebeast will ever make for sale to the public. I say why should anyone besides benders care about that. Tablebeast is not a household name like Bruce Springsteen or DJ Shadow. So chances are an average musician will not make the connection.
Also if this keyboard sells for $555, I would make more for sure. Granted they have to be bought fairly cheap, $100 or less.
First off, I really don’t see the point of having that drawing on there and I also hope that its clearcoated, otherwise it will get scratched up to hell from one gig with large belt buckle and this thing dangling on a strap.
Second, answer me this, “Why should I buy this keyboard when in a month the sounds will be out on the TableBeast Sample Library a lot cheaper and also everyone else will have them?”
I like the warranty and support parts, as a matter of fact I think that every circuit bender and synth builder should include that in their auction, because chances are its something easy that breaks, like a poor solder joint. Tablebeast seems to have a few other items items for sale at similar prices. Personally if I was gonna shell out that kind of money, I would go for the Sk-1 ( Concertmate 500 ) modded by Highly_Liquid for $300. It has MIDI IN, no hand drawings, pro looking breakout box, and patch cables. I do have to admit that sound samples from the SHS-10 are kind of cool so note to self, get one and bend it.