Experimental Garage Sale 2010, 3rd Annual

* Update 7/4/10 *

The Experimental Garage Sale of 2010 was a great success, thanks to everyone for coming out to sell and check out the wares. Below are lots of  photos from Lameboy and Alex Inglizian and if you would like to be in the loop about the next event please become our fan on Facebook.

Lameboy Gallery.

Alex Inglizian Flickr Gallery.

* Original Post *

The 3rd Annual Experimental Garage Sale is upon us, this Saturday June 5th at Chicago’s Experimental Sound Studio. 10+ vendors and special guests from around Midwest will be selling their newest circuit bent instruments and artistic wares.

Expect to also find a plethora of vintage synthesizers, un-bent toys, electronic parts, and interesting people. This free event starts at Noon and runs till 5:00 PM rain or shine. Don’t forget to bring your cash in order to walk our with best deals of the decade or stick around for a chance to win some instruments during the 3:00 PM Drawing!

Google Map Link. More information here.

Sellers are:

1. Tommy S. http://www.rothmobot.com/
2. Patrick M. http://www.rothmobot.com/
3. Mike http://www.aa9il.com/
4. Steve http://site.properboy.com/
5. thejunkyard catalist http://myspace.com/ThriftsoreBoratorium
6. Creme Dementia http://www.myspace.com/CremeDeMentia
7. GetLoFi.com http://www.getlofi.com/
8. Low-Gain http://www.lowgain-audio.com/
9. Tim Kaiser http://www.tim-kaiser.org/
10. Unatronics & Buck http://www.stevenbuck.us/

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See you all there!