Experimental Garage Sale Chicago July 19th


Experimental Garage Sale will take place at the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago on July 19th, 2008 between Noon-9 PM. This free event will be a perfect opportunity for circuit benders and anyone interested to snag up toys  for bending and to talk shop with all the Artists present. Already bent devices will be available for sale also. The entertainment planned is an all day Experimental Open-Mic, plus various other activities.

The idea for this Garage Sale has been floated a few times by many Midwestern Artists before coming to fruition. Huge Thanks goes out to Alex Inglizian aka Cliplead who was able to secure the beautiful space of the EXSOST Backyard in Chicago for us to gather at.

I will be bringing a big box of unbent toys, lots of various keyboards, several completed instruments as well as new 555 PCB circuits, Waldeck Interrupters, Lo-Fi Delay modules, surplus parts like switches, pots, project boxes. Last but not least an industrial size Cotton Candy machine to make Festive Treats!

Special guests include: Beatrix*Jar ( MN ), Creme Dementia ( IL ) , Spunky Toofers ( MO ), Roth Mobot ( IL ), DJ Demchuk ( IL ), Mike Una ( IL ). Come one come all to socialize, enjoy the day, talk shop, snag up circuit bent and unbent gear.

Refreshments and Snacks will be available. Those attending are also encouraged to bring Cash or your Credit Cards, we can take payments via PayPal through an Internet terminal at the ESS.

Get Directions here.