Facial Filet (no talent/lofi/noise)

Faciel Filet
As some one who is very interested in music (mostly listening and enjoying the company of many talented friends who actually know what they are doing) I decided to take a dive into the realm of recording my own. The biggest problem I fell upon was that I have never been trained, classically or otherwise, to perform with any musical instruments. Being curious in all things electronic as well, I knew a bit about circuit bending and have heard many samples that most people may not call music. So I grabbed a modified toy guitar out of my closet and recorded a few “songs” with it along with a few found objects. I really enjoyed feeling untamed and not obeying any of the formal musical rules which I feel is a large part of circuit bending. I’ve enjoyed listening to the amazing sounds I’ve heard GetLoFi contributors get out of some things that would normally be waste so here is my contribution.

Facial Filet