Free Music Friday – Tiger Claw Collaboration Comp


By Rodney Clark

Collaboration is a compillation that has been in the works for about 5 months now. It was originally due to be released on Tiger Claw Records, but due to recent economic downfalls, TCR has closed down shop. So what would have beeen the 6th release on the all Circuit Bent genre label, is now a free download available exclusivley on for your enjoyment. The premise behind “Collaboration” was a simple idea of randomly pairing artist who preformed using circuit bent insturments, and have them do a collaboration track. All of the artist names where thrown into an envelope, and one at a time drawn to pair with the following pulled artist. The sounds were not meant to match rather, find a way to blend. It was a sound experiment that in some cases never worked out. Originally the album had a total of 26 artist, but ended with only 16 completing the experiment. For whatever reason those that did not make the deadlines and did not make a connection with their paired partner…I would say that was part of the experiment. After all Circuit bending is chaos being controlled or unleashed and that could be what those artist found. The line up for the finished compilation is as follows:

Dr.Rek and Circo Bazooko

Datura 1.0 and EraSer

Igloo Martian and The Simpson Brothers

Zebra Mu and Uplink

Talking Computron and Igor Amokian

Spunky Toofers and Sleeper

Mike Una and Life as Number Five

Xdugef and Circuit Ben Reaction

The attached download contains an insert and a foldable cover for you to have the full experience of the way the Cd was meant to be released. Feel free to make copies and sell them at shows. It’s a pretty easy cut and past sleeve and the insert just folds up to be placed inside. So without spoiling the ending…I give you “COLLABORATION”!

COLLABORATION – an experimental music compilation