GameBoy case 6 oscillator thinger-ma-bob.

This Gameboy case was inspired by the previous GameBoy mods, however it is based around the 40106 Hex Schmitt Trigger not the 4093 Quad trigger, because I ran out. The oscillator circuit is incredibly simple with output being fed back through a potentiometer to the input pin. Two values of capacitors, 1uF and 10uF are also used between the single input pin and the ground for various LFO and VCO oscillators. Finally I am using am LM324 Low Power Quad OP-Amp to do the mixing of the signals. This works much better then the diodes used in the previous versions of the circuit, more volume and no dead cancellation frequencies present. The entire circuit runs on a single 9Volt battery with ground and +9 running to the OP-Amp. The array of switches controls various internal patching of oscillators to each other and combinations of larger capacitors. Touch contacts are also used to create various signal effects from the OP-AMP inputs and outputs being patched together by body resistance. The sounds are pretty interesting and fun to mess with, especially with through a delay pedal. More inside shots can be viewed in the GetLoFi gallery and a professionally done video clip of a delayed synth and nanoloop jam is also available.