GetLoFi 4017 Sequencer Kit Implementation

The 4017 Sequencer Kit has been available for quite some time, however the documentation has been rather lacking. Aside from that fact that it makes a great 8 step trigger circuit  we have not even tried it as a Control Voltage (CV) source until now.

Go get started the Sequencer circuit board needs 3 Input connections. Ground ( Black ), Positive Voltage ( Red ), and Clock Input (Blue ).

The Tempo to advance one step in the sequence is provided by a 555 Timer Module. Positive Voltage and Ground connections are shared.

The Simplest circuit demonstrating the most basic operation is an LED used to preview or indicate the steps in the sequence.  Negative side of the LED must be connected to the 4017 board Ground and the Output pad will serve as a source for Positive Voltage. A resistor is needed to limit the current, typically anything between 100 Р1,000 Ohm will do fine. When the step is set to High at the specific pad the positive voltage is sent out lighting up the LED. Note that this is the basis for using the sequencer as a triggering device for other circuits.