GetLoFi Geographic

I really enjoy looking at where my visitors come from. However lately I’ve noticed a few problems with this picture. There are large chunks of the world that have very few, if any hits from them. One area in particular I am concerned about is Russia. Do they not have circuit bending in Russia? I would imagine that they most certainly do and it must be called something different. However after searching on Russian search engines for a while I couldn’t come up with anything. Europe, USA, Japan and Australia are pretty active, but as you can see there are obvious geographic divides. Well my guess is that some people even in large countries that still don’t know what circuit bending is or they are too leet to visit my blog. As a side note, I was talking about circuit bending in the Electronic Music class I help teach and almost everyone was falling asleep or getting bored to death. If I was in their shoes I would’ve been like, “Wow, can I try that? How does it work? Etc”.