GetLoFi Patches


GetLoFi just added a White 4400 Embroidery Machine! This beauty became a reality after a lucky find at my local thrift store called Stuff, ETC. Normally these computer controlled robots can cost in upwards of several hundred dollars, this one was a fraction of the cost. The price obviously depends on features like hoop size, USB connectivity, torque power, etc.


The coolest part about this machine is the software that allows you to take any Bitmap graphic and turn it into a pattern that is ready for stitching. Colors can be added via a thread change during a programmed pause in a sequence. Thanks to this marvelous wonder the GetLoFi Shop now contains patches to cover up those soldering iron burn holes with style! If you have an idea or a design in mind feel free to comment.

*Update 9/17/09 *

Per suggestion here are some oscillator patches.