Gritty 8-bit synth/sampler Kickstarter

by Mike Una.

I just pledged to support this 8-bit synth/sampler project on Kickstarter. The sounds are really interesting texturally and it feels like the Atari Synthcart or MidiNES, but in a much smaller and portable package. Check the video and some sound samples below.

I especially like the sample function- that’s some righteous SK-1esque gritty sample action right there. The grain on that is super detailed and totally nails the LoFi aesthetic.

The project has 7 days left and it’s got a little ways to go, so if you’re feeling it, please hit the pledge and get yourself a PCB or a full kit with laser-cut enclosure. If you’re feeling generous, the dude will even do a custom laser-cut design on your case. w3rd.

Kickstarter page is here.

deMIDulator Attack_Release Demo Samples #2 by Derek Enos