Halloween Sign To Make

It’s been a longtime since I have done any Circuit Bending, can’t promise anything but I think at some point I will. In the meantime this page hosts my YouTube tape conversions, any some DIY projects that I need a place to keep when I go between devices such as my phone and computer. Dropbox is too expensive and doesn’t work on some older computers that I have. So back to the simple html.

This project is a Halloween sign that I saw at Home Depot, it’s printed on some cheap MDF and will definitely fall apart if left outside. His will be plywood and I will use laser printer to paper to wood transfer with acetone. The trick to try is diluting acetone with rubbing alcohol.

Image has been processed on the iPhone to have max contrast. Print with Scaling in MS Paint to make it as large as the piece of wood. About 24″ in my case.

Photos of project to follow.