Handmade Christmas Gifts this year?


Discussion: Christmas is finally here; any readers out there who made a circuit bent or DIY electronic project for their friend or special someone? Feel free to chime in and I’ll post the images.

Wayn3w’s Noise Synth features 3 circuit bent greeting cards, color changing LED, and Devil Ducks as knobs!


First one:


Elephant Keyboard from Carajo! Wow, thats a pretty twisted elephant.


“Blue” – Weird Sound Generator Gift from Grizzly Circuits.


Circuit Ben Reaction’s Casio KS -03 Xmas Message.


Made this tonight as a gift for a friend. Push box that says, “Happy Halloween, HAHAHAHA!” Pitch resistor replaced with touch contacts and added and extra one for speaker output. The keychain ring was inspired by this video. It was not a treat to work inside of this thing, too crammed. Some of these boxes actually don’t have a pitch resistor, pretty weak.