Home Made Sound Electronics – The Book

This is interesting, apparently after the release of Handmade Electronic Music, Nic Collins did some workshops and was featured with an interview in a book with Andres Bosshared, Bruno Spoerri, and Norbert Möslang called Home Made Sound Electronics. Unfortunately it looks like its only available in Switzerland. The content very much intrigues me, especially this solar powered point to point circuit pictured below. Not much of a description on the page, aside the fact that most of the projects are DIY music related. The ordering site is available in English but the prices are in Swiss Francs. To get this book over the pond all said and done is about $40 USD. The publisher appears legit, but I did have issues transferring to the actual payment page, kept timing out. After my failed attempt I did stumble on to a page where you can request a review copy, so we’ll see if they respond. The book also comes with a DVD, I’m guessing of the workshops. [Found through Sendling blog]