I’m back

So I’m back at the office and posts will resume tomorrow with a few zingers. OT: San Francisco was great times, I’m going back for sure. A few things to note. First of I was STUNNED to see so many people were listening to iPods, everywhere on the bus, on the subway, on the plane, on the street. I am assuming that it is so they can ignore and pretend that they can’t hear all the homeless begging for spare change or to block out the current news happenings in the world. Its scary that so many people who live in a beautiful place like SF need to block themselves from their environment. I loved it though. As far as Goodwills go, they are definitely a step up from my local stores, however electronic music instrument selection was very slim. I saw a Casio MT-68? for $40 along with some other huge Casio keyboard on Haight Ashbury street, I was not gonna by it, but 2 days later it was gone. Someone recommended ThriftTown on Mission, damn all I have to say is that you can really judge how safe a neighborhood is by how many Hip-Hop clothing and liquor stores are on the block, actually Mission street seemed safer at Night then during the day, atleast to me. ThriftTown was huge though, again, a very slim collection of bendable toys, I counted 2. I tried going to the Noise Pancakes show on Sunday Morning found the place no problem, its ARTSF building, but noone was around. Oh well, atleast I got to climb on the roof of the building and look at the city. Amoeba record store is awesome, pretty big so know what you are looking for because browsing will take days.