Impress dudes with a Concertmate!

While searching for something completely unrelated I spotted a band that uses quite a few Concertmate keyboards called Concertmate as well as other consumer synths like the Casio PT-1 and SA-6 during their improvisational scessions. Nothing really circuit bent from what I can tell, but they do have some nice Concertmate and other Synth Porn shots. The reason why I bring up Concertmate is because they made knockoffs for most of the Casio keyboards that are sought after nowadays, like the SK-1, SK-5, PT-1, etc. So for bending purposes Concertmate brand will be comparable. However I read somewhere that there are differences with bends, but I can’t confirm that. Also, Blogger seems to be broken AGAIN, so I have to be a nasty “Hot-Linker” to images. Oh well, I think I’m switching to WordPress anyways here shortly.