Interesting Circuit Bending Related Videos

Circuit Bent Teletubby by Carpeteria with it’s guts rehoused, push buttons for easy triggering and toggles for glitching up the sounds. Very Speak and Spell like plus a kick ass led matrix to display the glitches.

Trigger mechanism with a microswitch by Kaseo. This resembles a scratch interface and with pitch controls that can be connected to various other toys via a 3.5mm Jack.

Kaseo also has a new musical project, a collaboration with Craftwife. Above is some footage of them rocking out with Pikachu and Remokon APP for iPhone.

Here is more information and a demo of Remokon, which seems like a useful utility for remote controlling sounds and sending MIDI information with the some help from OSC and SuperCollider.

Here is an Atari Punk Console modification by Raymond. A PC fan is varying the voltage in the circuit and causing the frequency to shift as it spins and also adds a certain physical aspect to the device.

Casio RZ-1 Drum Machine with custom EEPROMS by Kenzie E. and dual LTC Precision Oscillator Mods from GetLoFi for adjusting the pitch.

First version using dual LTC Precision modules!

Instructions by Juda for turning any controller into a MIDI transmitting device with some extra USB hardware and Cycling ’74 runtime.

EraSer from sent us a new instrument a while back. It is an example of “cross bending” made using two circuit bent guitar pedals. Rocktron digital distortion and a Fab Echo delay. The circuits of these pedals have been linked and re-housed in a “laptop toy” case.