Introducing The Creme DeMentia Channel on Vimeo

by Creme DeMentia

Regular readers of GetLoFi will recall announcements for a number of circuit-bent/experimental electronic live events during late 2009 here in the Midwest.  I was lucky enough to catch some of these performances with my camcorder.  I have been slowly adding the footage that I captured to my new Vimeo account and they are available for viewing at the new Creme DeMentia Vimeo Channel.  Below I have embedded several videos with some information about the performances.  Although I have not added every single video I’ve taken, I’ve been trying to add at least one new video a week as upload limits allow.

e^3 Micro Tour – GetLofi contributors Talking Computron, Creme DeMentia and Pelzwik teamed with Tim Kaiser to play a 3-night string of shows.  We started with a show with LWA in Iowa City at the Picador and then continued on to DeKalb, IL to play at Krystal’s Ultra-Lounge;  we ended in Chicago at i^3 Hypermedia,  where we added Roth Mobot to the bill and streamed the entire night of performances live online.  Video captured from the show at i^3 Hypermedia can be seen embedded in an older article here on GetLoFi, the performances I captured in Iowa City and DeKalb are embedded below.

Cincinnati –  After the e^3 Micro Tour, Tim Kaiser invited me to accompany him to Cincinnati for a couple of shows he was playing there.  I was able to play with Tim and Thriftsore Boratorium at the chilly Semantics Gallery.  Thriftsore Boratorium put on a very interesting set, broadcasting on several different frequencies to a dozen or more portable radios.  It was very bizarre to listen and move around in the field of distributed radios, hopefully the video captures some of that spirit.  The following day I shot some overhead footage of performances from David William and Tim Kaiser at the Contemporary Arts Center.  I had no idea what to expect from David William’s performance and was pleasantly surprised.  His approach is very subdued and I like the way he has re-purposed every-day objects as playable drone generators.   I was very happy to make his acquaintance and catch his performance.

There are more videos available at the Creme DeMentia Vimeo Channel.  I have also posted some full versions of past performances that were originally segmented for the Creme DeMentia Youtube Channel.  I will continue to post to both channels based on video sizes and lengths; Creme DeMentia Vimeo Channel will hold 10+ min. videos of performances, lectures and how-to videos, Creme DeMentia Youtube Channel will hold shorter videos of performances, toy demos, how-to videos, etc.