Kaoss Pad Pitch Modification w/Internal Controls

David M. just sent us useful information on how to add internal pitch controls for both Kaossilator and the Kaoss Pad, below are his words of wisdom…

After reading about the GetLoFi Tutorial for 1799 oscillator circuit mod on the KORG Mini KP/KO and with a few of the LTC Modules on hand I decided to give it a go on a brand new Kaossilator. The conversion took about 45 minutes to do, but the results just blew me away. A real transformer for this instrument.

Looking over the comments  at the GETLOFI site, it seems that nobody found a good place for potentiometer placement, all being too big. It took several orders of varied thin potentiometers from the usual suspects like: ebay, digikey, and mouser to locate a pot capable of doing the job.

Mouser ended up with the goods (digikey has a 16mm Panasonic pot in their latest catalog, but it is not available.)

You will need to fab a piece of thin metal, then bend and solder it to the pot in-order to mount it securely.

The piece of metal I used was from shielding of an old stereo, cut into an 8×45 mm strip. There also needs to be a 19mm gap in the U-shaped bracket to keep it from bumping into the components on the overhead board.

The hole for the roller is 1.5x13mm and the top of the hole is flush with the inner front-side of the case. A small jeweler’s file is helpful in shaping the hole. A small portion of the touchpad backing plate has to be notched out to make room for the pot.

Note the 100K resistor used for changing the range of the 500K Potentiometer to 100K, giving it a nicer operating frequency without going too Low.

A 10K trimpot was added to the circuit to dial in the value for preventing a crash (somewhere around 7.5K ohms. ) the trace must be scraped on the outer edge of the LTC board to fit the trimpot in, as well as the thin bridge on the pcb trace between the trimpot.

Since you have to take the plate off, this is the perfect chance to try Nebulagirl’s touchpad picture mod and how about a sporty paint job?

I used a different point for the negative hookup for the circuit, than listed in the tutorial. (second picture) This location allows you to use the dc adapter jack as well as battery.

Now before you do this, many people warn against wall-wart power on bent instruments.
What I use is a “battery bomb,” basically a battery holder with a power plug pig tail (an idea from Q.R. Ghazala’s book.) When I gig with these instruments, I carry one of these in my pocket for a quick back-up for failing batteries. Good luck.

by David M.

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