Keepin busy

Circuit bending is fun, but I wish I wasn’t so busy fixing virus and spyware infested windows boxes for people who don’t have a clue. Oh well, making money, gotta pay billz!!!! I started working on a Caleco Talking teacher. Pretty sweet to bend. There is alot of glitches and random garbled up sounds. Combinations of bends even cause to spaz out randomlly. I am testing the idea of a patchbay with that one. Unfortunatelly I made some nasty plug holes, they are not the best. So now I’m looking to buy a drill press, I’m done fussing with the drill and scissors. Drill press is the way of the future. Things will look hella well done. I also starter building a Firefly tube amp with the help of my friend. Jolly good times. I’ve been too busy to even go to the Goodwills. Maybe tonite I can swing by one. The circuit bending group on yahoo has been very active. Some topics that make it in there are not always directlly related, but its fun to read still.