L.D.R. control of A.P.C. by properboy

Message from your operator: Its a pleasure to announce our new contributor Steve Stoll aka properboy. Steve has come a long way in his pedal creations and modifying GetLoFi circuits to suit his creative needs. His videos are full of explanations and whacky designs, so instead of us blogging about his achievements, let the man speak for himself. Enjoy.


Here is one of my properboy A.P.C.’s that I put together using a Getlofi board, some vintage Sozo caps and various other recycled bits. My client wanted to be able to control the unit with two 16mm projectors and I came up with the idea of mounting light dependent resistors inside of small metal enclosures that could be positioned anywhere in the performance space, distance from the mother unit is only limited by the length of audio cable available. The neat thing is this A.P.C. functions as a normal unit until the cables are patched in so it is kind of a dual purpose unit. I will surely expand on this concept in future designs as I can see a lot of potential for it.

by properboy.