LTC Precision Oscilator Modified Gameboy With Internal Switch

The Gameboy Pitch Modification Kit has been available for quite a while and most people seem to have no problems installing it. However one of the most asked questions is how to install a Normal switch that reverts the Gameboy to its original speed. Even though the topic has been covered previously, here is a nice little tip for making everything completely internal and slick!

The slide switch included in the kit should first be connected in the middle of the LTC signal wire that is attached to the crystal leg. The switch action simply disconnects the LTC’s output signal from the gameboy circuit. Next mark the space where the toggle of the switch will move from On to Off and carefully proceed to shave away a square opening with an X-acto knife. First start a downward cut on the marked lines, then cut at an angle towards those vertical cuts. Do not rush this process and ALWAYS keep your hands OUT of the blade’s way. Remember to cut AWAY from yourself, never towards, and wear protective eyewear because little plastic pieces could fly off and so can the X-acto blade if it breaks.

Eventually the hole for the switch should be deep enough keep the movements below the line of where the top-case will be placed. The switch just happens to be the right height to stay in place without too much movement, but adding a little bit of  hot glue or super glue where the pins meet the case will help to provide stability.