MadPop 2007 Circuit Bending Showcase

This Saturday, Nov. 10 in Madison WI.

Madison Pop Festival 2007

TalkingComputron / Beatrix*Jar / RothMobot / Life As Number Five
[4:00] Basic Circuit-Bending Workshop (feat. Beatrix*JAR)
[5:00] Advanced Circuit-Bending Workshop (
[7:00] Performance: Talking Computron (Iowa City, IA)
[7:30] Performance: Roth Mobot (Chicago, IL)
[8:00] Performance: Beatrix*JAR (Mineapolis, MN)
[8:30] Performance: Life As Number Five (Madison, WI)

Great acts, plus a ton of information about the ancient art of circuit bending, so come join us. I think this is a free event, but space may be limited.