Make Some Noise Italy!

Interview By: Rodney Clark

I’m Curious about the “world” of bending. How far does it really reach? I needed answers to my questions. I thought I’d ask Lorenzo Mos and Nazareno Bassi of the great circuit bending duo… Circo Bazooko, what they thought of Italy and the “scene” there. Just how much of the world truly wants to get bent?

Circo Bazooko

Q: What is the scene like in Italy for Circuit Bending?

A: I know few people at the moment who bend instruments and toys in Italy… so I don’t think we can talk about a “scene”.

Q: If I was to go to a show in Italy what should I expect as far as a vibe toward Circuit Bending?

A: In Italy playing in a show is not that easy, even if you play covers of Nirvana. Ah, ah! There are some clubs where they try to propose good music and talent artists… but there are very few people interested in listening your music if you are not a hype little star, ah, ah, ah!

When Nacho and I play live with my bent or DIY machines, people is very curious, astonished or amazed. I can see the smile on their faces and this is good.

At the moment we haven’t a proper noise-experimental project, we try to mix Circuit Bending with dance-punk-electro music and traditional electronic instruments, like drum machine, sampler, sequencer…

Q: Do you guys get together with others and do workshops and trade secrets on bends, or is it just the two of you?

A: We don’t live in a very big city… There are some blogs and forums, but noting more… We don’t know anybody who does bending here. It is a pity… on the other hand, there are a lot of things I have to discover yet, and this is fascinating!!!

Q: How easy is it to get the materials you need in Italy to bend…like keyboards of choice and stuff?

A: I look for my stuff on ebay or in some junk shops where sometimes they sell chips. Sometimes some friends don’t understand the potentiality of a old Casio keyboard and so… they make my a present!

But there is stuff that Italy will never see.

Q: Is there anything unique you can’t find over in Italy you would love someone to help guide the way to getting one?

A: Let me think… sometimes on the web I find strange objects and very interesting bent machines. There are a lot of stuff which I don’t know, I can’t tell what the hell they are… too many.

Yes, I definitely would like to meet some of you, with your unique machine. Maybe one day!

Q: How are the records selling for you guys as far as being Circuit Benders trying to preform and sell your material?

A: “Record selling”? What do you mean? Ah, ah, ah!

Q: What other artist are there in Italy you would like to turn on people to?

A: It’s a pity but we never meet other benders, just some Italian guys on myspace: Cobolpongide, Eraser, Postalmarket … my parallel project LMos 😉

On the other hand there are a lot of good Indie bands like: Jennifer Gentle, Father Murphy, il Teatro degli Orrori … or some old Italian bands like: CSI, Lucio Battisti, Area… but I don’t think you would love them! 😉

Q: What web sites do you enjoy checking out to help bettter your techniques if any. Some place people might not know about to help them learn how to do new things?

A: and obviously,,

Q: Will we be seeing any Italian artist, including yourselves…coming to the states or traveling elsewhere to preform any time soon?

A: We’d be very happy to play in the U.S.A, we never make plans about this… and at this moment since none invited us to the States for a live set (is there anybody out there? ;D ), we are working on some dates in London and in Barcelona in Spain… maybe next winter.

Anyway, if you like, you could go and see my brother playing not-bended keyboards with Jennifer Gentle, they are on tour in the States, now. 😉

… But why don’t you come in Italy?

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: Yes: Thanks again for everything!!

Cirko Bazooko Bend

NO…thank you! Come on Italy you need to make more noise than that! If you’re reading this…please hook up with Circo Bazooko. Let them know you hear them! Spread the bends! They even just invited you to go to Europe and play a show with them, or put on a workshop! You can visit Circo Bazooko via the net at: or for more info on them, or just to say hello. Thanks again guys!!