Makers Market Closing Down

The folks at Make Magazine decided to stop their support and operation of the Makers Market. However there is nothing to worry about. Because all your favorite GetLoFi products will be available from the and most other sellers already have their respective Etsy Store pages.

So what went wrong? Sad announcement simply states that the curated Market did not generate enough revenue to stay open;

However, our model was predicated on a highly cooperative premise: that a marketplace of indie makers actively engaged in their respective communities would quickly begin to draw its own critical mass. In spite of our best effort, this dynamic simply hasn’t evolved. Too many sellers have confided in us that they are heavily committed to other projects or too pre-occupied promoting their own sites or preexisting stores to effectively tend to their Makers Market/Boing Boing Bazaar storefront. Which means that on any given day, the only product(s) that sell well are those that Boing Boing and Make have blogged that day. This doesn’t bode well for the remaining sellers.