MakeZine + eBay + Bent Speak = Easy Money

It would be silly for me to argue the power of blog as a marketing device because I always try to stick some Amazon ads in my posts. However those are more relevant and typically are aimed at benefiting the reader, but using a mainstream blog like Make:Zine, which is supposed to be for people who build things, to hawk some Speaks on eBay is almost like spamming. The Speak mentioned in the article sold for $200.00 rightaway through a B.I.N. The caption states, “there are people who sell this stuff, and there is an excellent one on eBay right now.” with a link to FastMat’s auction directly. Now I kind of think that it is a slap in all of sellers/benders’ faces. There are lots and lots of creative and innovating bends on the market, so rather then showing novice readers only the Speak and Spell by Fastmat a more complete search would’ve been appropriate. Why the editor choose a single product by a single person, guaranteeing the traffic and eventual purchase of the item, may never be known. Never to less Make is awesome and in the current issue there is an article by Sabastian Boaz and Christiana Yambo on circuit bending, looking forward to reading it and giving it my review.