Mass produced circuit bent gear

I don’t mean to point out the obvious here, but lets face it. Circuit bending for profit only makes sense when you make same things over and over. It is a long and frustrating process to come up with a good set of bends. One may spend a whole day just poking around and another day wiring switches. So what is the answer to making the bling? Do the same mod over and over.

The more times you do it, the quicker you become at it. Also there is no need for making individual auction pages since you have the one from the first build already! Take the Awesome SK-1 which I’ve seen for the n-th time on the eBay now. Everyday I also see the same Tablebeast mod from the now defunct site on all the SK-1s sold! I will not even start on the Speak and Spells and now with the Ghazala’s book detailing some steps everyone is doing his bends.

Not saying that there is any wrong with making money or following directions, but then again. Taking something that is highly individualistic and custom like Circuit Bending and turning it into a one trick pony is sort of lame. Exploration and creativity need to be there at all times and the feeling of being the first person to do something different or possibly inventing something is pretty amazing.