MIDI to Potentiometer


Finally the dream of having MIDI controlled potentiometers on circuit bent toys and DIY synths can be a reality with this newest Highly_Liquid MPA Kit. It features 4 independent variable resistance outputs that can assigned values from 100 Ohm all the way up to 100k Ohms via MIDI! But if that wasn’t enough the kit also features 8 Digital outputs that can be turned on and off by MIDI notes. One obvious application for this controller would be to have the digital output pins connected to sound triggering buttons on a toy and the variable potentiometers to the pitch resistor. Instantly a very simple toy would become a dope lofi MIDI drum machine! I’ve always wanted to build something like this, but the research and development time involved into this kind of a project can be tremendous. Certainly for $47 once can bypass all that and get right to making cool instruments.

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