Well my MIDINES has came in. I have to admit that its Fucking sweet!!

Packed very well.

Came with a packing slip and a manual. The only thing that went wrong is my packing slip was switched around. I got one for someone from the 8bitpeoples. Oh well. Thats the least of my concerns. As I started plugging a wealth of MIDI controllers to the unit I quickly found out what works and what doesn’t. My Sony Clie with a MIDI port did not seem to work, locked up everytime.

Roland sampler worked well, but no CC commands were passed of course and for some reason the sequencer did not send the MIDI out.
My Radium keyboard worked well and as soon as I stopped being a dumbass and assigned all the CC commands to all the sliders it was not a problem. MIDINES responded with all it had to offer. However for some reason, I couldn’t play rapid notes at all. There maybe some after touch data that is getting sent to the MIDINES preventing it from doing Note On signals. Oh well. The best method however turned out to be having MIDINES plugged into a MIDI out port on my laptop and having my Radium setup on MIDI in. With Cakewalk open the MIDI information is “filtered” by the computer, and latency is way down. Also notes sequenced in Cakewalk work great, along with all the CC values. All in all a sweet synth, may be a bit difficult to play live though. I am hoping to open the cart as see what it looks like on the inside. Also I’m wondering is the opto isolator chip is there, cause it seems like that would be something that could’ve been crashing my Palm.